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Your specialist for brake discs, brake parts, brake & clutch hoses, and more in Napier 

At Brakes Plus in Napier we are passionate about every aspect of servicing brakes. To ensure your brake repair is the best it can possibly be we only use the Pro-Cut 9.2 DRO on-car brake lathe. You can also rest assured we will never supply or fit inferior brake discs or products. Our brake hoses are made to international standards , and often , you can wait for them to be made same day ! .For more information on what we can do, please have a look at our services.

Disc pad repair

We offer three options for disc pad repair, starting with our more affordable base package. Our other two packages include additional services on top of the base. The prices are as follows:
From $95.00 including GST (for the budget-conscious, for disc rotors in VERY good condition):
  • Fitting new disc pads
  • Lubricating caliper slide pins, disc pad contact points
  • Check/top up brake fluid
Starting at $165.00 including GST:
  • Machining of disc rotors
$215.00 including GST (premium option):
  • Flushing/replacing brake fluid 
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Brake Saver

Our workshop is authorised to provide the Pro-Cut Brake Saver service, which involves machining the rotors when replacing disc pads. The benefits of this service include:
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to replacing rotors
  • Guaranteed to eliminate pedal pulsation when braking
  • Machining to an accuracy of .001th of an inch
  • Service guarantee for 50,000 km 

Drum machining

At Brakes Plus we can machine most automotive and light commercial brake drums. Brake roller testers are very efficient compared to the old Tapley meter test and will highlight any brake imbalance. Machining drums can eliminate brake imbalance. 

Oil and filter change

Modern vehicles use a vast variety of oils. We can supply the correct grade with a quality oil filter. This is available at a competitive price and we will quote before any work starts. Some of the brands we use are:

  • Penrite
  • Fuchs
  • Wix
  • Fram 

Free 50,000 km brake service

A certified RMS (Rotor Matching Service) centre, we use the Pro-Cut 9.2 DRO brake lathe. We can guarantee your vehicle will not have brake pulsation for 50,000 km. If your vehicle has brake pulsations within 50,000 km we will carry out remedial work FREE OF CHARGE. 


  • Disc pad replacement (including fitment) from $95.00 Including GST
  • On vehicle disc machining (pair)              $92.00 Including GST
  • Brake drum machining (automotive each) $40.00 Including GST
  • Brake drum machining (light commercial) $51.75 Including GST
  • Brake fluid flush                                               $69.00 Including GST
  • Brake pipe flaring (parts extra)                  $4.00 per flare Including GST
  • Oil and filter change                                        Varies due to the range of vehicles                                               (ring for a quote) 
These prices are for common automotive vehicles and light commercial SUVs. For performance vehicles we will provide a quote before carrying out any repair work. 

Shock absorbers and suspension

Shock absorbers are an important component in your suspension and do a lot of work. Faulty or worn shock absorbers can significantly affect braking distances. We can supply and fit shock absorbers and carry out suspension upgrades. 
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