Brakes Plus Ltd
Brakes, that's what we do !

Who are we ?

Brakes Plus Ltd has been established to provide specialised brake service to Napier.
We are situated at
2/30 Hyderabad Road, Marewa, Napier .
Phone : 06 8337473
Cell:      0275999570
  • We machine disc rotors on vehicle using the PRO CUT 9.2 brake lathe
  • We only fit recognised , quality brake parts
  • We also machine brake drums
  • We offer a LIFETIME warranty on selected disc pads
  •  We are price competitive

What is "BrakeSaver"

50,000 KM brake service

By using the PRO CUT 9.2DRO brake lathe we can guarantee that your vehicle will not have brake pulsation for 50,000 km. Most workshops will guarantee their work for 20,000km. We will carry out remedial work FREE OF CHARGE if your vehicle has brake pulsation within 50,000 km. That's a trip around the world !
Look at the info below from .


Would my brakes pulsate if I had the brake rotors matched? Nope!


Here's Why: When we match rotors to your vehicle, we are eliminating all lateral run-out (a fancy term for wobble) down to less than the thickness of a human hair.

Why is that important? Because when a brake rotor doesn't spin true (or wobbles), it will contact the the brake pedal!). Over brake pads twice each revolution (when your foot isn't even on time this wear will cause the brake rotor to become unevenly thick and cause unwanted pedal pulsation and affect overall performance of the braking system.

What can be done? Go to a shop near you that uses Pro-Cut rotor matching technology for your next brake job.

What's a Certified RMS Center? Certified RMS (Rotor Matching Service) Centers receive additional training, have the most modern equipment, and have fully integrated rotor matching into their brake service process in order to provide the finest brake job possible!